6 May 2009

Hot Tabasco Habanero Sauce (Selfridges)

I was persuaded to purchase this hot version of Tabasco sauce to write about at the same time as the Smoked Tabasco Sauce from a few days ago. Obviously this was going to be an experience for the taste buds as I was of the opinion that Tabasco sauce was quite hot enough without any extra heat!
I decided it would be good to try it with cheese on toast as a direct comparison to the previous sauce I reviewed. This version is more like regular Tabasco sauce in consistency as it is quite watery. I was so careful to air caution before trying this and I splashed one (very) small droplet onto my fork, and tucked in. First thing first, the sauce is very hot. I had a brief taste of grilled cheese, followed by the sour taste of Tabasco and then a warmth that developed into a heat. What surprised me was that it was enjoyable as it still had proper flavour that swept through my mouth and didn’t just burn. The heat is not for the faint hearted though, and to be honest I didn’t have very much. One person tasting it with me who ate far larger amounts of the sauce commented later that they thought their tongue had gone numb, so - you have been warned.

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