19 May 2009

Joseph Banks [Cassava Root] Vegetable Chips Chilli and Lime(Morrison’s)

It is unusual to see a bag of crisps labelled as ‘chips’ here in a UK supermarket. This variety is American in origin, and it is also made from Cassava Root. I have to be honest, and confess that that at the time of purchase I had no idea what Cassava Root was. A little research later and I discovered that it is the same root vegetable as used in Tapioca pudding.
The ‘chips’ themselves are similar in colour to potato crisps, but they are thinner and crispier. I liked the crunchy texture, but couldn’t identify a strong flavour from the root vegetable. As for the added flavourings of Chilli and Lime, it was pleasant enough, and I enjoyed the light hint of citrus. One thing though, and I have mentioned this before on similar products, I was disappointed by the mildness of the chilli, it only just registered as having any heat. I would welcome trying another flavour in this range, as I can see the potential of using Cassava Root in this way.

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