28 May 2009

Violet Crumble [Australia] (Harvey Nichols)

Last Saturday Selfridges (Birmingham) was closed, and I took my first ever trip to Harvey Nichols, obviously I headed straight for the foodhall. It was smaller than I expected, but filled with many interesting items, and I spent far too much money. The fruits of this trip will be showcased on here over the next week or so!
This was the only chocolate bar I could find that looked like a regular big brand bar that I hadn’t tried before, it is a Nestle bar from Australia. When I opened the packet I was expecting a violet flavoured Crunchie bar, and was surprised that I couldn’t smell anything that resembled Parma Violets. In taste there is also no violet flavour, so I have no explanation for the name.
The flavour of the filling does has that wonderful cinder toffee taste, and I think it just has an extra note of honey when compared to a standard Crunchie bar. Really though the bar is almost identical to the Crunchie bar, except this bar is crisper and breaks more easily. I remember writing about some Australian bars I had as a gift from CyberCandy, and many of them crack and crumble too and aren’t soft like British bars. The slogan on the packet states: “It’s the way it shatters that matters” and I have to say I do like the crispy texture that it has. It is nicer and smoother to eat.


Anonymous said...

i will tell every aussie i know about this! they'll be keen to get their hands on as many of these as possible.

cinabar said...

I have also just noticed that they are stocked at Cybercandy.co.uk too.