14 May 2009

New Zealand Manuka Honey (Selfridges)

I bought this item blind as I knew nothing of Manuka honey. At the till though the assistant kindly filled me in on Manuka honeys and how they are often found in health food shops and rated for strength.
When I got it home I did about a bit of research and found that Manuka was code for Tea Tree and I have to confess alarm bells sounded – Tea Tree is not one of my favourite things.
The honey itself is thick, gloopy but smooth. In flavour the honey does have a strong taste, but there is a very definite other non honey flavour, which I wasn’t keen on. This extra taste is somewhere between cough medicine and antiseptic. It isn’t completely overpowering, and I’m quite okay with finishing the jar, but I didn’t like it enough to want to repurchase the item. My research did also discover all the health benefits that come with Manuka honey and that it widely used as in alternative medicine, but I just wanted something to spread on my toast!


Katie said...

How long is the date on it? Save it for winter and make your own honey and lemon with it. Table spoon of honey with juice from half a lemon topped up with hot water from kettle. Much better than a lemsip when you have a cold.

Derval said...

Was it not very expensive? The high strength one in my local health food shop is now on special offer for 20 euro. I had a taste & it was delicious, my mouth exploded & I actually burst out laughing as the taste sensation shocked me. No hint of tea tee thank goodness,

cinabar said...

Katie - that is a fantastic idea. Knowing me, I'm sure I won't have to wait until winter to catch a cold!

Derval - Mine wasn't very expensive, and I don't think it had the magic that yours had. Which type did you try? I'd love to find myself some and give it a go.