21 May 2009

Homestyle Two-Bite Brownies (Selfridges)

This is another American product from Selfridges. To be honest when I opened the packet I wasn’t that impressed by what I saw. Inside the bag were mini muffin shaped cakes with a flat top. In fact the tops of each cake look sunken and shrivelled, and not at all attractive.
I will put aside my judgement of the appearance, and tell you about the taste. When I bit in my opinion on this cake changed remarkably, from apathetic all the way to enthusiastic. The sponge is soft, and moist and the chocolate flavour is rich, they are absolutely gorgeous! I was very impressed by the Brownies, and should learn not to judge a book by its cover! Unlike their name, I took three bites to eat mine. The other person testing them with me took one bite, so I guess on average “Two-Bite Brownies” is a statistically acceptable name too!


  1. These are fab, aren't they? Have you seen the trays on them they do with cream cheese frosting?

  2. :-O Cream cheese frosting??? They sound aces - where do they sell them? I simple must try them!

  3. these things are awesome had one packet and immediately went and got more from selfridges! chomp chomp chomp! (one bite for me! :) )


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