27 May 2009

Antonio Federici Panna Cotta (Sainsbury’s)

As much as I love wild and interesting flavours, there is a lot to be said for a really simple flavour done well. I chose this ice cream as one of my favourite desserts is Panna Cotta, so a Panna Cotta flavoured ice cream sounded heavenly.
The first thing to note was that it is was very thick and difficult to serve. It is quite a strange consistency, it appears gloopy and stringy (in a melted cheese way) when you try to spoon it out of the tub, but when eaten it is smooth and feels just a little thicker than regular ice cream. The flavour was satisfactory, but it didn’t win me over. It is pleasant, and I felt it was rather like an overly sweet vanilla. I didn’t feel it had any distinct creamy Panna Cotta taste or caramel flavour. I think perhaps it would go well with a raspberry coulis in order to enhance the flavour.


Jono Turps said...

Hi Cinabar,

I work with Frederick's Dairies and we were sorry to hear that you weren't blown away with the gelato. I've passed your comments on to the factory who are always happy to get feedback. If you fancied trying one of the other flavours - the Pistacchio is my favourite - there is a £1 off voucher here: http://www.antoniofederici.com/downloads/federici_voucher.pdf


cinabar said...

Thank you for your response and voucher. Don't be disheartened, I didn't dislike the ice cream. I would be delighted to try the pistachio as you suggested and I look forward to blogging about it soon.