26 May 2009

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Tiffin (TheIrishShop.co.uk)

Having had Gu Tiffin the other day I had a few conversations all about Tiffin and its various forms. Some were about Tiffin cakes, and some were about the bar of chocolate that used to be made by Fry’s. After some research, I discovered that after Fry’s and Cadbury’s merged this bar, although not stocked in England, was available in Ireland. I managed to find an importer (TheIrishShop.co.uk), I placed an order, and can report that I had a wonderfully fast delivery and my Tiffin bar was with me.
The bar is smaller than you might imagine from the picture, it is not a large size Dairy Milk at all, it is actually a 54g bar, I understand this is standard in Ireland. I love the packaging as the bar is foil wrapped and then wrapped with a paper label, like bars used to be!
In taste the Dairy Milk tastes slightly different to English Dairy Milk. I was wary about writing this as a Dairy Milk expert who was tasting it with me assured me it tasted the same, but I am convinced it was subtly different. I felt that it had a slightly stronger cocoa flavour and was slightly thicker in consistency when it melted on the tongue. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried Irish and English Dairy Milk and their thoughts on the comparison.
The chocolate was packed with biscuits and raisins, as per the traditional Fry’s bar, and these blended well with the Dairy Milk flavour as they added some sweetness and lovely texture. I really enjoyed the bar, and can’t really understand why it isn’t available in England. Biscuit and raisin mixed with chocolate just seems such an obvious combination and it is tastes so right.


  1. you're right, i used to work for cadbury and they use a different recipe (crumb) in ireland to the uk. It is the same recipe as used for flake in the uk. Irish dairy milk was much sort after in my office!

  2. Wow!!! That is interesting to hear! I did think it tasted slightly different. I think I might buy a bar of Irish Dairy Milk and regular Dairy Milk and have a proper taste test. Might ask some friends which they prefer too!

  3. Thanks for this tip. My mum loves it. We used to eat it when I was little then it went out of production in the UK. I'll order her some for her birthday next month!

  4. I personally think the Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk has a much nicer taste, it tastes creamier!

  5. Anon - it is certainly a thicker choc, nice stuff though :-)

  6. I live on north the border, and when I was younger, my dad would always take us to a little shop in Donegal and we would get a irish dairy milk and a bottle of football special. The Irish version is sooooo much nicer. Many of my family and friends would agree.


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