23 May 2009

Gű Choc Tiffins (Sainsbury’s)

Gu are famed for luscious desserts and have widened their product range to now include a selection of cakes. First for me to try is Chocolate Tiffin cakes, but to be honest it was hard to decide which to eat as I also purchased carrot cake and chocolate brownies.
This cake consists of a soft moist spongy base with lots of nuts and biscuits packed into it. On top of this is a thick layer of sticky caramel with a wonderful full flavour, and finally on top of that is a thin layer of dark chocolate that cracks when you bite it. There are so many flavours and textures in this cake that just work so well together it becomes a complete pleasure to eat. The cakes are individually wrapped, and are quite small which works really well as they are quite a rich treat!
Just for the record these cakes are found in the fridge section of the supermarket, in case you thought from the packaging that these might be located in the bakery section.


NLi10 said...

And when found in the discount section of the Tesco Metro fridge section they taste twice as nice!!

Will hunt for.


cinabar said...

Everything tastes twice as nice when it is reduced!