4 May 2009

Lakeland Bake – Just Square Crumpets (Morrison’s)

Crumpets, as I’m sure you are aware, can having many toppings, from plain butter, through to jams/preserves and even cheese and marmite. One thing that usually remains constant though is the shape – they are generally round. When I saw these I was intrigued by the square shape, and as I can’t resist a novelty thought I would give them a purchase.
I was surprised that the website from the manufacturer doesn’t seem to mention any reasons or any advantages for the shape. I found one though, they are so much easier to get out of the toaster (I have a toaster designed to toast bagels and crumpets and even so I find crumpets difficult to remove as they roll and you can’t grab a corner).
The crumpets themselves are lovely and of a very good quality. They have a good strong flavour and a lovely fluffy texture, and they are just as tasty with a little butter as they are with any fancy topping. A unique and clever product that I thoroughly enjoyed!


  1. I tried these. They taste like every other crumpet, but i am a sucker for novelty :)

  2. I also love novelty, and these are a good quality crumpet too!

  3. God, I love crumpets! I like a lot of butter on mine so that it fills up the little grooves and bursts out when you bite into them. Can you tell I am hungry? Good post

  4. Just crumpets are the best I have ever tasted.


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