7 May 2009

Seabrook Hot and Spicy Crisps Oriental Peking Ribs (Waitrose)

Well I seem to be continuing yesterday’s spicy theme with another product that has a kick to it. Seabrook’s are a brand that are well established in Yorkshire, and now seem to be becoming more available across the whole of the UK. In fact quite recently I found some rather lovely Ketchup flavoured crisps by the same brand. I have had my eyes open for Seabrook’s Hot & Spicy range since I spotted Katie mentioning them on her blog, and they now seem to have made it to the Midlands. On the front of the packet these crisps rate themselves as a two out of three chillies for heat. They have a lovely barbecue sweet flavour that almost tastes a little like plum sauce. There is quite a kick to these too, it isn’t horribly overwhelming but there is a punch. The heat does linger for a few minutes afterwards too. The flavour is zingy, sweet and hot, it does what it says on the packet. If you are into spicy snacks, these should be on your shopping list. They are wonderfully moreish, and I look forward to hunting down the other flavours in the range, Wasabi and Two Chilli.

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