12 May 2009

Twinings Swiss Chocolate Drink (Sainsbury’s)

It seems like it has been a while since I last wrote about any hot chocolate, in fact last time was when I was disappointed by Cadbury’s Hot Choc Chunks.
Twinings are famed for tea, so it is strange to see their brand on a tub of hot chocolate. However they do make rather nice tea and I am hoping the quality will also be present in this purchase. The drink itself is made with hot milk, and there are three to four spoons of powder for each mug. I went with four spoons worth as I prefer a stronger flavour! The drink is quite dark when it is made up and smells pleasantly sweet.

In texture it is smooth, but not overly creamy, although I didn’t use whole milk to mix it up. The flavour has a well defined cocoa taste and a sweetness that follows. In fact it makes a very nice sweet chocolaty drink. I have to say I rather enjoyed this and it felt like a proper treat and it fulfilled my chocolate craving.


Emily said...

Yum. I have a real choocie craving right now and this looks perfect to sate it.

cinabar said...

Can't beat a good mug of hot choccie. :-)

NLi10 said...

Will try this one.

Think I have Bourneville downstairs at the moment, which as it's cocoa is as far away from instand HoCho as you can get!!

cinabar said...

Bournville Cocoa does make a lush drink. Traditional, but you can't criticise it, it is yummy. Better than a lot of posh hot chocs too.