14 October 2010

Divine 70% Dark Choc with Raspberries [by @nli10] (Shared Earth)

Raspberries live in white chocolate. This is their natural confectionery habitat, and where they are primarily observed by snackers all over Europe. Taking them out of their comfort zone and throwing them into one of the strongest dark choc out there seems like a wrong move. Surprisingly its not too bad. The raspberries start out strong but quickly become overwhelmed by the rich tones of the dark choc and as this melts the fruit reinvigorates and finishes on a sweet note. Its not your standard dark choc, but it's a lovely alternative to your typical raisin filled choc bar.
by @nli10


Ana said...

Funny, I used to think raspberry is usually paired with dark chocolate. Last summer was the first time I saw raspberries in a white chocolate bar.

NLi10 said...

Maybe it's a UK thing then - or I just haven't been that observant!

On a side note the reviews always look much longer when I do them on my phone - I need to add more words when I do my roving reporter bit!

Rhianne said...

I think its delicious, its my new favourite chocolate - I'm not that keen on white chocolate so I think the flavours work really well together :)

Anne said...

I had a chance to try this today and pretty much agree with what you have said! The chocolate itself is really nice and the strong cocoa flavours cover the rasberry notes quickly but then as teh chocolate dissolves you are left with a nice mixture of chocolate and fruit flavours on your tongue. :-)

I also tried the 70% with Ginger and Orange and there the flavours behave similarly, though the ginger can compete with the chocolate a little bit better than the rasberries. Never the less, the strongest ginger note comes towards the end. The orange notes are a nice addition as well. Though I think I prefer the Lindt Excellence ginger chocolate which seems overall better balanced flavour wise.