25 October 2010

Vampire Eyes (Hotel Chocolat)

Welcome to Halloween week here at Foodstuff Finds. This week turns a little scary, as we explore a selection of Halloween goodies currently on the market.
Starting off we have Hotel Chocolat’s Vampire Eyes. These are essentially white chocolates with a salted caramel filling. These aren’t ordinary salted caramels though, these are a Halloween special so that they are designed to look like Vampire Eyes. The iris on them stares upwards and their red colouring gives a clue to the contents within.
The thick creamy white chocolate bursts when you bite in and the gloopy red salty liquid spills onto your tongue. The caramel is a vibrant bright red colour, and my taste buds were quite expecting a fruity aspect despite the fact there is no mention of this. This is just how you associate colours for foods, and red should be fruity not bloody. The red caramel is salted, blood is salty, the best advice I can give you is to try not think about this fact too much. I would like to point out that the colourings are natural, which does make the concept a little bit better.
The liquid filling is sweet and buttery, a rich caramel with a hint of salt. The thick creamy white chocolate is of the usual Hotel Chocolat’s excellent quality. These gruesome eyeballs are a nicely themed indulgent treat or the perfect fuel for any would be Trick or Treaters.


Ana said...

I don't think I'd have a problem with eating chocolate eyes with blood red caramel inside. :)

But I've eaten chocolate with worms... which were alive and moving! :)) Of course I threw the whole thing away as soon as I noticed. Unfortunately, that didn't happen before eating some of it...

cinabar said...

Ick!!! I'm quite squeamish, and not great with things that just resemble something gory - nevermind worms in chocolate - yuck!
What had happened to the chocolate? Where was it from?

S.Emerald said...

This sounds good, but I think it's kinda creepy to eat candy body parts.

Chocolate with Worms, I can't imagine the horror>_<