3 May 2009

Lotus Caramelised Biscuits with Chocolate (Morrison’s)

Lotus Caramelised biscuits have been one of my favourite biscuits for a long time, so when I heard the news that they had a new edition to their range I just had to hunt them down.
If you have never had a Lotus biscuit before, then they are a thin rich brittle biscuit that have a wonderful strong caramel flavour with a hint of cinnamon.
This new product consists of the regular caramelised biscuits but with one side coated in dark chocolate. The packaging on these is also different to the usual packet as these come in snack packs of three biscuits.
The idea of adding chocolate to these biscuits is pure genius. The warm spice and sweet caramel mingles perfectly with the bitter sweet chocolate. These are my new favourite biscuit, they taste gorgeous and are a perfect accompaniment to coffee. I don’t live particularly near to Morrison’s unfortunately, but I am now happy to drive that little bit further just to get these.


Emily said...

Great. I love these biscuits too. You get little packets of them in certain hotel chains and I always scoff them straight away. Covered in chocolate they'd be even better!

cinabar said...

Yes I was first introduced to them as some independant coffee shops give them away as a 'free' biscuit with their coffee. I've never looked back, love them.