4 September 2009

Discos New Bacon Flavour (Sainsbury's)

Many thanks to DavidH who emailed me to let me know these crisps have become available.
Discos remind me of my school lunch boxes, and I don't think I've had any for years. It was nice then to buy them, and re-discover them. The new Bacon flavour is available in the multi-pack which comes with Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion, so it is good to experience more items in the range too.
The first thing I noticed was that on the back of the packet they are described as 'crunchy snacks' not 'potato snacks' a quick look at the ingredients list reveals the reasoning and it is because they contain a substantial amount of wheat too. This wheat does give them a lovely wholesome texture that seems to make them quite moreish. The flavour itself is smoky, salty and meaty and really does the job. A lovely new addition to the Discos range, and I’m looking forward to re-experiencing the original flavours.


Dreich said...

I had these a few weeks ago and the problem I found with this flavour is it left my mouth feeling dry. I only really get discos for the S+V flavour and usually they turn out to be disappointing but every now and then you get a packet that's so salty that just tastes awesome. ( bad for you I know)

When I was at school, Discos brought out some sort of toxic version or something which contained a packet of the flavouring like that of the more common salt and shake crisps. I used to put all the flavouring on 1 single crisp and enjoy that overpowering salty flavour. Those were the days.

cinabar said...

I don't remember Discos having flavour sachets. But, hang on - you put the ENTIRE flavour on one crisp!!! Wow, I'm impressed! A little shocked, but impressed all the same! :-D

Dreich said...

They brought out a special limited edition about a decade ago, can't remember what they were called but I remember the toxic logo was on them.

Emily said...

I love Dicsos but have only ever had the salt and vinegar variety so I must give these a go!

Also, praise the Lord for the return of the Wispa Gold!!

cinabar said...

Still can't find much on the 'toxic' flavour, but other people I've spoken to do seem to remember them.

I bought a multi-bag of Discos, and have been enjoying all the flavours, the salt and vinegar are good.
And yep, Wispa Gold = heaven!