19 June 2009

Antonio Federici Pistachio Gelato (Sainsbury’s)

When I wrote about the Panna Cotta variety of this ice cream I may have been a little lacklustre, but I was left a comment suggesting I give the brand another chance and try the Pistachio variety.
Well if somebody recommends I try something it feels only right that I should give it a go.
Also the Pistachio variety sounded lovely, as regular readers will know I am a big fan of nuts.
As I found the previous tub difficult to serve, I took this one out of the freezer a little while before serving, and this helped it to spoon out of the tub with no trouble at all. The texture of the ice cream is a little thicker than regular ice cream, but I liked it and it made it feel quite luxurious. The ice cream is really lovely, a sweet nutty taste in a lovely creamy base. The nut taste is well defined, and can easily be recognised as Pistachio. I was very impressed by the product, and very glad I gave the brand a second chance. I do hope this flavour isn’t a ‘Limited Edition’ like the packaging suggests.


Anonymous said...

Went into a saisburys yesterday to try and find some but could not were did you go ? im not a stalker lol

cinabar said...

I got mine from Sainsbury's, but think I've also seen it in Waitrose. If you are after buying some cut and paste this website link in to your browser, and print the page and it qualifies you for a £1 off a tub. (Only valid till the end of July mind).


Al of Solihull said...

Yet another item discontinued by the Sainsbury Head Office (according to Sainsbury Solihull) the delicious FEDERICI ICE CREAM, I will obviously have to switch my shopping requirements elsewhere in order to obtain the best in the world!!!