9 June 2009

Rowntree’s Randoms (Sainsbury’s)

I was just thinking recently that there aren’t really enough sweets on my blog, and then I stumbled across a new Rowntree’s product in the supermarket!
The basic idea of this product is that there are a huge selection of different jelly sweets in various fruity flavours, textures and shapes available and each bag contains a random mix.
My sweets were certainly a mix of shapes, from a paintbrush through to a banana shape (that tasted of lime)! All the sweets were sweet zingy, easy to eat and moreish and the mix of shapes added a nice element of fun.
Mostly my sweets were soft jelly, or half jelly and half foam. There was only one completely foam shape and that was an ice cream shape and it was lovely. I would like to see more foam shapes in the mix! Perhaps if I purchased another bag I might get a few more. .. I may have to test out this theory!


Jeanna said...

I was just thinking there were too many sweets on my blog, haha.
This sounds like a good one to try, can't say I've heard of it, but I love this kind of candy.
I like your blog.

cinabar said...

You can never have too many sweets on a blog - and am so jealous of all the things from the Candy Expo!!! We have nothing like that over here!