24 June 2009

Oreo’s Chocolate Creme (Sainsbury’s)

This isn’t a completely new product, as it has been available in the States for a while, but it is new to the UK market, and it is also new to me. I was very pleased to find these biscuits on the shelves of a UK supermarket.
As opposed to normal Oreo’s which have a white creamy filling, this edition has a chocolate crème instead. They still have the fantastically dark chocolate biscuit either side of the centre, giving that renowned Oreo’s taste. The filling is a lovely milky chocolate creme which still is creamy enough in flavour to make a contrast with the stronger biscuit. It just gives the whole Oreo biscuit an extra shot of chocolate, which is never a bad thing! In conclusion, just when I thought Oreos couldn’t get any better I was proved wrong! I wonder how long it will be before the other interesting flavours that are available abroad make their way over here? Peanut Butter Oreos anyone?


  1. I got another thing to add to your list! Double Stuff Mint Oreos! I reviewed them a while back! They were seriously good! Only out in the US at the mo though :(

  2. The Peanut Butter were the unexpected hit but that one Cambodian petrol station had mint and a few other varieties.


  3. The only Oreos I care for are Golden Oreo's! Oh my, how divine.

  4. I can't believe how many different varieties are available of Oreos. Here in the UK we are really playing catch up... hopefully they will filter across soon. I just love the idea of Peanut Butter ones, and the golden ones and double stuff mint ones sound excellent too!

  5. I'm actually quite confused as to why the UK is so far behind the world on Oreo varieties. Is it british snobbery?
    I was in the states and was overwelmed! Peanut butter, mint, fudge sundae, double stuf. I was in heaven!

  6. Jules, two years ago we didn't have any Oreo flavours... so things are improving. I'd do anything for Peanut Butter Oreos though... mmmm...


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