15 June 2009

Seabrook Hot and Spicy Wasabi (Waitrose)

I am really pleased to announce that I have tracked down another packet of Seabrook Hot and Spicy crisps, this time in Wasabi flavour (Japanese Horseradish). They are a crinkle cut crisp with a good crunch, and aren’t too brittle.
They have a wonderful taste and a full flavour, with all the zingy tang of horseradish, and the kick too. There is a good burn with them that tingles for a little while after you finish each one. As a comparison, they are a little bit stronger than Nando’s Smokey BBQ crisps, and definitely a notch up on the heat factor compared to the Oriental Peking Ribs. They are a lovely strong flavour crisp, worth keeping an eye out for if you like the heat.

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DavidH said...

I managed to find a bag of these in Morrisons in Cornwall last week. Didn't like the flavour at all I must admit, found them far too over the top.

The only other "Spicy" flavour Seabrook's they had were the "Two Chili" ones, which were much nicer. Will keep my eye open for the others, do love Seabrook crisps and the Rib ones sound right up my street. Been tempted to order a box (various contents of your choice) many a time from their website.