17 June 2009

Lyle's Golden Syrup Popcorn [Cornpoppers] (Morrison’s)

When I saw this product, my first thought was- why hasn’t this been done before!? It is such a good idea, yummy golden syrup coating popcorn!
The product itself is well put together, and lived up to my expectations. Each piece of popcorn was fluffy inside, just as it is supposed to be, and with a light slightly crunchy coating of cooked golden syrup. The golden syrup added a lovely sweetness to the popcorn, without over powering the taste of the corn underneath.
This product is lovely for sharing, as the bag is big enough, and would happily accompany any DVD or film night. I always think that this sort of popcorn (i.e. pre-packed like this and Butterkist) are always so much nicer than the popcorn you get at cinemas. These popcorns have more coating, and you never end up with a load of unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag.

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