5 June 2009

Panda Raspberry Liquorice

Many thanks to the lovely people from Panda for sending me this new product to try.
This liquorice is a deep red in colour (darker I think than the picture implies) and is patterned and tubular in shape. I liked the flavour as it had a good taste of liquorice, with a raspberry after taste. It is so easy for flavoured liquorice to fall into the trap of having an overpowering taste, which eliminates the liquorice flavour. I am pleased to say that Panda liquorice doesn’t fall into this category, as the balance seems just right. The texture is good too, soft enough to make for easy eating, but it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth (too much)!


NLi10 said...

Going to keep an eye out for this - sounds fantastic!

Love red licorice but it's usually just strawberry. I'd love a black currant flavor too - does that exist anywhere?

cinabar said...

Thats true, blackcurrant would be great with liquorice... I remember the hard boiled sweets with those flavours.
If i see some soft blackcurrant liquorice, I will of course let you know! ;-)