13 June 2009

Hershey’s Syrup - Strawberry [Sauce] (Selfridges)

I have to confess, I have been visiting that wonderful foodhall at Selfridges again, and this time I purchased a product by Hershey’s that has nothing to do with their chocolate.
You know how some products pride themselves on all natural ingredients; well this item proudly states “Artificial Flavor” on the front of the bottle. I don’t actually mind that, the items that bother me are the ones that pretend to be natural/healthy, but aren’t really.
Anyway, this strawberry syrup has been designed to have multi-uses, from a cordial to make milkshake through to a sauce for ice cream. I decided to give it a go as a topping on some vanilla ice cream. First thing first, it is very runny. It is so watery in fact that when you squeeze it, it could shoot everywhere if you aren’t expecting it!
Despite the slightly off putting overly red/pink colour, the sauce is very pleasant in taste. It doesn’t taste of natural strawberries, more like strawberry sweets but it was still rather nice. It actually wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting though, and this made the flavour all the more pleasing. I will have to give it a try as a milkshake syrup and report back.


lindsay said...

I have used this syrup just in milk for strawberry milk as a kid. Sickenly sweet yet just dandy and I did enjoy the few times I had it. My tastes have changed though and I'm not sure I could muster it as an adult!

Katie said...

What you said about products not pretending to be anything healthy reminded me of this: Old fashioned foods, microwaveable squeeze cheese.


Just read the sentence out loud... old fashioned.... microwaveable.... squeeze cheese. I love it. It tastes as fantastically dirty as it sounds. Great on a burger!

cinabar said...

Lindsay - I have a good tolerance for sweet things, and really liked it. Must give it a try as a milkshake.

Katie - "old fashioned microwaveable squeeze cheese" that really made me laugh! I'm sure I have seen squeezable cheese somewhere, I'll have to hunt some down and give it a try!