12 June 2009

Nakd - Cocoa Loco (Waitrose)

I decided to give these bars a try as a quick easy breakfast before work; it’s nice an easy food before an 8am meeting! I like the concept of a bar called Nakd (naked) and containing all natural ingredients, makes it feel like you are starting the day properly and I obviously can’t resist the chocolate version.
The bar itself wasn’t like a cereal bar as I had expected. It was quite soft in texture and reminded me more of the Sun Maid Fruit Fingers, although no way near as sweet. The flavour I felt was quite muted, the bar smelt of cocoa, but only had a mild hint. However there was a rather nice nutty aftertaste that made up for the missing cocoa hit. Nice enough as a bar, but not something I would rush out to buy again.


32flavors said...

the apple pie ones are so much better :)

cinabar said...

Apple Pie flavour?? Wow - must look for those, they sound lovely! :-)

32flavors said...

most tescos, sainsbury's and holland and barrats stock them, they have banana bread and berry ones too, but the apple pie is good :)