29 June 2009

Wagon Wheels – Caramel (Tesco)

The trip to Tesco’s I wrote about yesterday did indeed pay off as it allowed me to find a few of the things which I have had my eye out for. I first heard about these Wagon Wheels a couple of weeks ago, and have been looking forward to finding them ever since.
Wagon Wheels have been around for a long time, but this is the first time I have seen them with added caramel. Wagon Wheels usually comprise of two biscuit layers, a layer of soft mallow and a coating of chocolate.
The packaging shows these biscuits to have a lovely thick layer of caramel, but inside mine the layer seemed thinner. The flavour was apparent though and the caramel mingled well with the other ingredients. It is an indulgent biscuit, that you can’t help but like, and the caramel version is an excellent addition to the range.

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