16 June 2009

Cadbury’s Caramello (TheIrishShop.co.uk)

This is another of those fine goodies that I purchased when I was recently buying Irish products. Despite the feeling that it might just be a Cadbury’s Caramel in different packaging, I was still curious enough to want to try it for myself.
I am very glad that I did, because it was remarkably different. The chocolate is of course the Irish version of Dairy Milk, which is a little thicker in consistency and with a subtle hint of extra cocoa.
The caramel within the bar is notably different too. It is thicker, richer and sweeter. It reminded me of a Caramel Pudding, in that it tasted milky somehow too. There is no saltiness to clear the palette, just pure sweet goodness. As it was so rich I found I couldn’t finish the bar in one sitting. Half (four squares) of the small bar was a perfect treat!

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