18 June 2009

Guinness Luxury Fudge / Toffee (Past Times)

Past Times isn’t the first place I usually look when I am trying to find an interesting foodstuff find, as I didn’t think they sold much in the way of food. However when I was last in there, these two items caught my eye.
Firstly I opened the bag of fudge, and I was met with a lovely smell of butter. In taste too the fudge was creamy and sweet and thoroughly enjoyable, but I really couldn’t taste any Guinness.
The toffee felt hard when I gentle squeezed it, but when I bit in found that it was lovely and soft, and only moderately firmer than the fudge. Like the fudge, the toffee was also lovely and buttery with a sweet creamy taste, but also missing the promised flavour of Guinness.
Both items were good in their own right, but both lacked the strong wheaty dark distinguishable flavour that was promised on the packaging. If they are going to make items that are covered in Guinness marketing there needs to be a little more evidence of that taste within the product.


Unknown said...

Guiness flavoured fudge/toffee?? IS there anything they won't stick there brand on?

Saying that I really liked the Guiness flavoured Marmite they did two years ago!

Which brings me nicely on to my new request .... can you see if you can find a jar of the new Marstons flavoured Marmite .. it is in a jar that looks like a cricket ball ---> http://thefoodielist.co.uk/wp/marstons-marmite-limited-edition/

cinabar said...

Marston's Marmite? That does sound good... consider me on to it!

Anonymous said...

i bought the fudge and toffee, and the fudge is the best of the 2...

cinabar said...

Could you taste the Guiness though?