3 June 2009

Uncle Roy’s Chocolate Chip Mustard (Gardenland, Bridgnorth)

To be honest, I purchased this mustard a little while ago, and I popped it in the cupboard until I found the perfect thing to eat with it. Various sandwiches, cheese and biscuit meals and other possibilities passed by and I couldn’t quite bring myself to open the jar. It is so hard to work out what flavours it would go well with.
Finally, during a barbecue, I decided to give it a go. I so wish that I had opened it earlier, the mustard inside is lovely. The chocolate element is bittersweet, and blends well with the mustard. There is a good spice with the flavour, and it is like a mild English mustard with a hint of cocoa. I can hearby reassure any potential purchasers that this mustard goes very well with beef, and I would imagine that it would also be lovely with a cheese platter too.

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