25 June 2009

Panda Licorice [Mint / Lemon / Plain]

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely people from Panda Licorice for sending me some delicious samples of their products. The three bars they sent are:

Soft Licorice
This is Panda’s regular liquorice which is full of flavour, and has a good soft texture. It also is ‘fat free’ according to the packaging, and it is so nice to know that it is a healthy tasty snack.

Mint Licorice
This has the usual good quality panda liquorice but filled with a refreshing minty fondant. It has a good balance of flavour, although not as cooling as the menthol variety. The flavours still worked well together.

Lemon Licorice
As per the mint, this is the usual Panda liquorice but filled with a lemon fondant. This was a fantastic bar, the lemon was both zingy and sweet, and the flavour bought the licorice to life! Easily my favourite, and well worth giving a try!

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