27 June 2009

Walkers ManGo-Karting Chutney Crisps (Sainsbury’s)

The slightly strange name of these crisps refers to the new Walkers promotion in which you can collect voucher codes towards days out, including of course go-karting. Strange name aside, they are Spicy Mango Chutney flavoured crisps.
As these crisps are made by Walkers, they have the usual thickness and potato base flavour. The other flavours of these crisps are a little bit strange. To me I thought they tasted like spicy orange crisps, rather than mango chutney. The spice level is about right for representing the chutney, but there isn’t any mango flavour at all. The spice just leaves your mouth with the gentlest of tingles and is the best thing about the crisps but the weird orange aftertaste just doesn’t help them. I thought they were a strange crisp, and not one that I would get again, but I’d love to hear others opinions on them.


NLi10 said...

Fruit flavored crisps - orange in particular - would be great.

Mr. Walkers & Mr. Kettle-Chip please send me a free bag when you make them.


NLi10 said...

Or strawberry & cream crisps for next Wimbledon!!

cinabar said...

Should have entered the Strawberries and Cream flavour when Walkers were having the 'do us a flavour' promotion! Better than chocolate and chilli!