23 June 2009

McVitie's Strawberry Jaffa Cakes (Sainsbury’s)

There is something wonderfully summery about strawberries; they make me think sunshine and Wimbledon. McVities obviously agree as their limited edition new flavour for Jaffa Cake contains just that, strawberries! The box is very bright and colourful and stood out nicely on the shelf.
The Jaffa Cakes themselves have a dark chocolate on top, and the ‘jelly’ section which sits on the sponge is surprisingly sweet but not as full of the flavour of strawberries as I had imagined. I think they were trying to balance the sweetness by increasing the cocoa flavour in the chocolate. I just felt that they needed to have more of a fruiter taste and to be toned down sweetness wise. These are nice biscuits though, but not an orange Jaffa Cake beater.

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