28 June 2009

Finest Belgian White Chocolate Mousse (Tesco)

I took a special trip to Tesco’s this week, which is quite a long drive away, but I was on the search for items I hadn’t seen before. I was really pleased to find this, as it is becoming increasingly hard to find white chocolate mousse in other shops. The only other white chocolate mousse that I’ve seen commonly available is Nestle Aero White Choc Bubbly Dessert.
So I tucked in to Tesco’s offering, and to be honest I was disappointed with the contents. Although the mousse smelt lovely, just like Milky bars, I felt the taste itself was overly sweet. Actually I think overly sweet might be an understatement, it was more the kind of taste that was so sweet my taste buds tingled. Obviously a flavour so rich is not a good thing, but on top of that I didn’t like the texture either. It was almost powdery, like there was something of the consistency of cornflower mixed in with the mousse, very strange. It’s a shame about this, but there is definitely an opening in the market for another white chocolate mousse.

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