7 June 2009

Cocoa Bean Chocolate Co – Lime Zest & Black Pepper (Harvey Nichols)

Having thoroughly enjoyed the Irish Honey version of this bar, I think I have done well to resist opening this one until now. The bar is a 70% cocoa version flavoured with lime zest and black pepper.
I was actually slightly disappointed with this product when I finally tucked into it. I felt that it lacked body somehow. The base cocoa flavour was nice, with a strong but not overpowering taste. Sadly though the promised lime zest wasn’t well defined which was disappointing. It felt like the bar was lightly scented with lime, rather than full of zesty flavour, and the lime added no sweetness at all. The bar also had pieces of black pepper mixed into the chocolate. The pepper flavour is mild unless you bite into a piece of peppercorn and then it does give a hint of spice. The idea of lime and black pepper in dark chocolate does sound appealing, but I think if I were making this bar I would turn up the intensity of the lime flavour.

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