14 June 2009

Jack Daniel’s [Quality Tennessee Style] Barbecue Sauce - Rich Honey

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the nice people from Jack Daniels for sending me a selection of their sauces, and to Katie for suggesting me! Thank you!! :-)

I was sent a lovely selection of the Jack Daniels sauces; Original, Smokey, Rich Honey and Hot Chilli, but first up I decided to give the Rich Honey variety a go. The sauce is runnier than a ketchup, but still thick enough not to splurge everywhere. I could clearly taste the garlic, the honey, Jack Daniels, and something sweet which I first thought was molasses, but from reading the ingredients found it was dates. I was impressed by the flavour, and thought they all worked rather well together making a sweet tangy sauce.
I also used the sauce as a marinade and baste for some rather lovely pork skewers, and the flavours worked amazingly well there also. I am hoping that we have some more sunshine so I will be able to use some of the other sauces with a barbecue! I am looking forward to trying the other varieties that were sent, and will definately let you know when I do!


Derval said...

Sounds like it would be good on a baked ham.

cinabar said...

Well I have a few more of the sauces to try, so I welcome any idea on how to use them. The chilli one might be good with cheese on toast (I do like my cheese on toast)!