22 June 2009

Nandos Hot Peri-Peri Crisps [Hot]

I have been looking forward to trying these crisps for so long! I think I first started searching for them in April, and am now so excited to actually have them! Many thanks to the people from Nandos who sent them to me.
I love the writing on the front of the packet of these crisps:
“These ones are hot. Think Mr Universe giving your tongue an almighty Chinese burn”.
I think it is a fun warning, but I have to admit it did make me approach them with caution! Firstly I decided to test the aroma coming from the bag, and the flavours I picked up on were lemon, paprika and garlic. In fact they have quite a vibrant smell up close, almost making your eyes water!
After a pause I built up the courage and tucked in. I do indeed have to say these crisps are hot! They have a good flavour mixed in with the heat though which consists of slightly sweet paprika, followed by a zingy lemon sharp taste and then of course the burn. I found that so long as you keep eating the crisps the spice remains hot, but in a tingly acceptable way, but if you stop - your mouth sets on fire! The heat lasts for a fair few minutes after you finish too. They are lovely crisps, and perfect for those people who are adventurous and love their chilli, but they are not for the timid!


NLi10 said...

So great for putting out in an unmarked bowl at parties then? :)

Have you completed the set now?

Are you moving onto the sauces - Debenhams has the whole BBQ range I think.

cinabar said...

Now an unmarked bowl would be naughty - but funny!

I'm sure I read somewhere that extra hot crisps are in development from Nandos - which should be interesting, if some what dangerous!

As for the BBQ sauces, consider me on to it! I also have some Jack Daniel's BBQ sauces I need to crack open!

Spectre said...

Nandos really do make (possibly) the hottest crisps... and the best! :-)

cinabar said...

I do have to same I am loving them!

Alan said...

Get yourself a pack of Blair's death rain crisps for a real hit! I too am eagerly awaiting nando's extrahot - the packaging on the hot ones seems to imply the existence but I've not found them yet.

cinabar said...

Alan - extra hot are coming early next year! So where can I find these Blair's death rain crisps?

Anonymous said...

I remember these crisps being my favourite as a kid, such a shame they were discontinued so quickly. I had to google this to check I didn't imagine them!! Thanks for posting!!