2 June 2009

Cadbury’s Wispa Dessert (Sainsbury’s)

The return of Wispa bars seems to have been a huge success for Cadburys, and I for one am pleased to see them back on the shelves. I was also rather pleased to find this spin off product, a Cadbury’s dessert with Wispa pieces to mix into it.
The liquid chocolate section is exactly the same as it is with this entire range of desserts, sweet and chocolaty. There is a good portion of Wispa pieces, and as each one is quite small they mix in well. I really loved this dessert, and the softness of the Wispa makes it work. For those of you who are also big Wispa fans, I understand that later in the year Cadbury’s are re-releasing Wispa Gold!! I know I’m excited about this, and will hunt a bar down as soon as they are available. Watch this space!


Spectre said...

This was lovely, just the right amount of Wispa pieces too. Any other Cadbury's desserts coming out?

cinabar said...

Not sure, but the limited edition with mini eggs is becoming less avaible now - so perhap that will get replaced with something interesting... watch this space. ;-)

Catherine Herd said...

Well, i wouldn't eat that dessert but i am pretty tempted to eat the whole thing. But i do like the wispa bars. And there's now a Twix dessert and a Galaxy dessert. There is also a malteesers shaken snack and a twix one.