11 June 2009

Magnum Temptation Caramel & Almonds (Waitrose)

Eating an ice cream in June, inside with the radiators on because it’s cold is a bit depressing to say the least. This is not the ice creams fault though, so I won’t hold it against it!
These ice creams are beautifully packaged, and they scream luxury. Each one is in its own box, which isn’t something I have seen before and each box looks like a bar of gold.

The filling has vanilla ice cream with liquid caramel and almonds (coated in chocolate) mixed in, in a chocolate shell. The thing I loved about this was the almonds, I am a big nut fan, and found the chocolate coating around them inside the ice cream to be just wonderful. In contains a mix of my favourite flavours, caramel, chocolate and almonds and just presents them perfectly. A totally indulgent ice lolly, that would brighten up any cold day.

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