4 June 2009

Red Bull Cola (Asda)

Recently I wrote about Pepsi Raw, and the idea of creating a cola that is all natural. Strangely enough Red Bull (usually famed for their sweet energy drinks) has launched such a product. The ingredients are indeed all natural, and include an impressive mix of flavours, from cardamom through to liquorice.
I found the drink quite pleasant and I liked it as it contained a nice lemony base. Although sweet, it wasn’t quite sweet enough though for my taste buds, and I felt it was missing a wow factor. However it is a nice refreshing drink, with a nice natural concept, I just don’t think it would be my first choice.

There seem to be some controversy in Germany over the ingredients too!


Boo said...

Haha, I read about the recalling of this product in Germany. Interesting to read a report of what it actually tastes like.

cinabar said...

I do like the idea of an all natural cola, I wonder if we will see any more on the market?