26 June 2009

More - White Chocolate and Macadamia (Waitrose)

My first impression of this bar was marred by the fact that when I opened the packet, I made the discovery that the packaging is poor. The bar got stuck to its cardboard sleeve, making it very messy, sticky, and come away in multiple pieces. Cardboard and a sticky bar do not mix.
In taste though, all is forgiven. There are yoghurt lines decorating the top of this bar and also white chocolate chips and there are so many other ingredients it would be hard to mention them all. Items range from papaya and pineapple through to pumpkin seeds, and those are just the ones that begin with ‘P’! There is a wonderful range of textures and flavours from sweet and chewy apricot through to crunchy sunflower seeds. The bar is an absolute pleasure to eat. Sweet, moreish and every bite different to the last, it is just filled with such fabulous flavours.


Jeanna said...

That is one wild looking bar. I've had a lot of problems finding treats that won't stick to the wrapping in this kind of weather.
It sounds like quite the flavor adventure.

cinabar said...

The bar is spot on in flavour and texture, but the packaging is doing itself no favours.
Thing I hate most are indiviually wrapped chewy sweets which stick to paper wrappers - such a mess to open.