8 June 2009

Nando’s Smokey BBQ Peri Peri Crisps [Medium] (Sainsbury’s)

It was a little while ago that I wrote about Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken Crisps, and my search for the ‘hot’ version which is also available. I still haven’t found the ‘hot’ crisps, but I am pleased to announce that I have found another new flavour, these BBQ Peri Peri ones.
The crisps are allegedly the same heat temperature as the chicken flavour, but I felt that they were far more zingy and spicy. Both types are labelled as having a medium heat. I thought the barbecue flavour was sweet and smoky and with just a gentle saltiness too them too. As you eat them, the heat from the chilli builds up in to a lovely buzz on the tongue. The spice is perfect for me, but certainly stronger than the Peri Peri Chicken ones, as these ones have a pleasant burn. I love the crunch with these crisps too, well defined but not overly brittle. I thought these crisps were superb, some of the nicest I have had.
It does make me worry a little about finding the ‘hot’ variety though, if they are much hotter than these it might just be a little uncomfortable for me, but my search will continue!


Anonymous said...

I saw the hot ones in Tesco the other day.

cinabar said...

There aren't many people that can say this: I don't live near a branch of Tesco's(!) but I may have to make a special trip, I am so looking forward to trying some!
Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

Spectre said...

I love the Nandos crisps, and I agree that they are some of the nicest and spiciest crisps I've tasted too. Not sure about the hot ones... but I'll have to hunt them down as well!

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried the hot ones- Bought the medium. Was really excited when I saw them as I love Nando's but I was a bit disappointed- Didn't really like the taste!!

cinabar said...

Anon - have you tried both of the medium flavours? There is Peri Peri BBQ and also Peri Peri Chicken... I have to say I just loved these BBQ ones.. very zingy, and I thought far spicier that the Chicken ones.

Checked Waitrose today - they don't stock the hot variety either. :-(

Anonymous said...

I hadnt heard of nandos before, but when i walked past these crisps in tescos i had to buy them being a chilli freak. the 'HOT' peri peri crisps. Since Last week i have bought around 5 of these bags all to myself, and i dont think i'd buy any other brand. They are just lovely!!!!
P.S Hottest god damn crisps you will ever buy!!!!

cinabar said...

Hadn't heard of Nando's??? :-o You really need to find your nearest branch (unless you are vegetarian of course).

I remember reading somewhere that they are going to release an Extra Hot variety... which sound lip-tingling-atastic!