6 June 2009

Willies Delectable Cacao – San Martin [Peruvian 70% Chocolate] (Harvey Nichols)

Firstly, I found it quite hard to track this chocolate down and had been looking for it for quite a while. I have to confess to not watching the programme on Channel 4 (no idea how I missed it), but I did hear the obvious hype about the chocolate. Anyway I made a special journey to Harvey Nics to find myself some and guess what, a day or so later before I even opened my bar, I found it is now stocked in Selfridges too!
There are two bars inside the box, each emblazoned with the Willies Delectable Cacao logo. The packet claims that this bar has subtle fruity notes, and when I smelled the chocolate I could agree with this. I felt that there was an underlying scent within the cocoa that was somewhere between a kiwi fruit and a pear.
In taste there is quite an initial bitter hit, which isn’t unpleasant, and gives the chocolate that 70% cocoa grown up flavour. The aftertaste is a little sweeter, but no where near as fruity as I had hoped from the aroma, if anything it was a little smoky. I didn’t feel that the texture was impressive, letting a piece melt and roll around in my mouth I thought it was ever so slightly grainy, I would have preferred a smoother texture.
The chocolate is good, and the quality is high, but I’m not sure I’ve found a chocolate that I can’t live without. I also purchased the Venezuelan 72% from the same range, and the lady in Harvey Nics told me many people prefer that out of the two. I will let you know how I get on with that shortly!

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