25 June 2009

Tango With Added Tango

Drinks cans aren’t usually offensive, but Tangos new packaging design, seems to be causing trouble.
The new title on the tin is ‘Tango With Added Tango’ and the initial letters are all lined up, spelling a slightly offensive word. Tango says it is just an unfortunate coincidence, but I do wonder if there is somebody who works in their design team having a quiet giggle.



NLi10 said...

They sent me a free plastic man with fangs and spikes so they can call their next campaign Could Use Nice Tango Squash for all I care. ;)

Katie said...

they blatantly knew what they were doing.... you try to tell me that NO ONE spotted that? I dont think so. Funny tho.

cinabar said...

NLi10 - why did they send you a 'plastic man with fangs'? LOL at the Could Use Nice Tango Squash part!

Katie - it does seem to have given them some decent press coverage too!