21 June 2009

Taste The Difference Tiramisu (Sainsbury’s)

Now there is nothing new about Tiramisu, but Sainsbury’s have seen fit to give the dessert a bit of a makeover. The puddings look very luscious in their pots, and I couldn’t resist buying them.
The pudding is made up of coffee soaked sponge topped with mascarpone and cocoa powder.
I was really very impressed with this dessert. The mascarpone layer was thick, lightly sweet and very creamy and a lovely contrast to the sponge layer. Actually saying ‘layer’ implied that there was just a thin layer of sponge, and this isn’t true there are chunky cubes of sponge soaked in a lovely coffee liquid. I have to say this is the nicest shop bough Tiramisu that I have tried, it’s really good, and slightly disappointing when you finish the pot.
I have also seen that Sainsbury’s have launched a few other puddings in the same range, and I am really looking forward to trying those too.

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Tom said...

I was dismayed to see that the 'new recipe' desserts (eg panna cotta, limoncello, tiramisu etc) now contain pork gelatin thus making them unsuitable for vegetarians, Jews and Muslims.

I would be interested to hear how such crazy & unnecessary decisions are reached