9 August 2009

Kelly's Cornish Clotted Ice Cream (Sainsbury's)

As mentioned previously, here is the promised write-up for Kelly's ice cream. I actually saw an advert for this product on TV and as it is from a brand I have not heard of before I felt obliged to track some down!
The ice cream was fairly easy to scoop and served really well. In taste, well it’s actually hard to describe without salivating! This is the creamiest smoothest ice cream I have tried. When it melts in the mouth there is a wonderful flavour of vanilla and cream which is heaven. It is absolutely perfect and I loved it. If you buy this to serve with apple pie, I warn you now the apple pie will be shadowed by this fantastic ice cream!


Unknown said...

I love vanilla ice cream and have been eyeing this up for a while now. Great review - you have 100% sold this to me now.

Do you have a Tesco near you? Anychance you could do a review of their 'Finest Coffee' ice cream? Would love to see it.


cinabar said...

I am one of the few people who don't live near a Tesco... but I do make a specific journey every so often to catch up on things they stock which I can't get anywhere else. Consider 'Finest Coffee' ice cream on my list for when I next go! ;-)

Anne said...

Sparked by your raving review i set out to buy this yestderay. However, I ended up buying the Honeycomb version also made with Cornish clotted cream. Did not regret it! It is pure heaven! Fantastic stuff and thank you for pointing me towards Kelly's. :)

cinabar said...

Oh my - I haven't seen the honeycomb version, but will certainly be trying to track it down now!

This ice cream is still my favourite vanilla - by far... mmmm...