25 August 2009

McVitie's Mini Croissants [Chocolate] (WH Smiths)

I have seen quite a few new sharing bags appearing on the shelves in recent months, but they are generally filled with chocolates. This is a slightly different idea as it is a bag filled with mini croissants, which is certainly a bit different.
So first things first, the aroma in the bag was ever so slightly disappointing as I was expecting a lovely smell of butter and pastry. Instead there was a pleasant sweet cake smell which was nice but not one I would automatically associate with croissants. In appearance though they are clearly mini croissants, and the packet contained seven, which is a surprisingly hard number to share out! Surely a bag containing a prime number of items is always going to be difficult to split? Unless of course there are seven of you!?!
Anyway, on to the texture these mini croissants aren’t as flaky as regular croissants, and have a soft spongy taste and feel. The chocolate inside consists of a decent gooey portion, and adds a light but pleasant sweet chocolate flavour. As they are quite small they are easy to eat, and only take around three bites.
All in all the product is lovely, although not as similar to full-size croissants as I had imagined they would be. Apparently they also have a strawberry jam variety available, which I have my eye out for, and I will give them a go heated up when I find them!


Unknown said...

The pouch products part of the market is going through the roof isn't it!

Looks like McVities are jumping on the bandwagon big time as according to the grocer they are also going to be releasing some biscuit pouch products! Something to watch out I guess!

lottie said...

I don't recommend the strawberry version. It is so alarmingly artificial and SO sweet. To the point of needing a cold compress and little lie down after consumption. No I'm kidding, but it really is sugar central.
(this coming from someone who regards meringues as basically savoury)
Ye have been warned!

cinabar said...

Jim - pouches do seem to be the thing for 2009! Wonder what the correlation is between pouched items and the state of the economy?

Lottie - Unfortunately I purchased some of these yesterday before reading your comments. Fortunately though, it should make for an interesting write up if they are as sweet as you say!