21 November 2009

Marmite Cereal Bars (Waitrose)

Many thanks to the people that emailed/twittered me to let me know about these bars being released, I do really appreciate it. It helps so much with the quest to try something new every day!

It is perfectly reasonable to have Marmite for breakfast, i.e. spread on toast. It is also perfectly reasonable to have a cereal bar for breakfast, particularly if you are in a hurry. What doesn’t seem quite right to me though is a Marmite cereal bar. Don’t get me wrong I don’t sit in the Marmite hate camp by any means, it is just that cereal bars are always sweet and ideally chocolaty!
The smell of the bar is distinctly of Marmite, salty and almost meaty. In taste it was also quite salty with an aftertaste of Marmite which gave a flavoursome kick. The texture was good, not too solid, and it comes apart easily. It is filled with different cereals and oats, that do give a similar texture to a Tracker bar, but without the chocolate chips (obviously).
To be honest the bar does what it says on the pack, it is well presented and has the expected flavour and nice texture.
I personally would rather have a sweet cereal bar, and a bag of Marmite nuts for a snack in the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Marmite Cereal Bars ... why have we had to wait so long for this delicious food? Their release is fabulously life-changing! It is so rare to have a savoury cereal bar, let alone one that tastes so scrumptious and is good for you too ... with relatively few calories!

My local Wokingham Waitrose stocks these bars only occasionally (unless they keep running out?) so here's a plea - please make them a regular stock item because they will catch on ... and I'll keep buying them!

cinabar said...

Glad you liked them... if they are running out in your local store then they must be selling well too.

Have you tried the Marmite coated cashews? Oh my, they are yummy!

a_foxie_smile said...

ooh I loved these. It helps that they gave them out for free in Waterloo station for nearly a week :)

cinabar said...

They seem to have the savoury cereal bar market to themselves... I wonder if any other brands will follow suit?

I used to travel through Birmingham New Street every day, I do miss the samples!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Marmite. I hate these!! YUK