1 June 2009

FAB Orange (Sainsbury’s)

Well the sunshine is truly here, and I have had more barbecues so far this year than I have had in the last three years put together. After a barbecue, my favourite dessert is to have an ice lolly, and what better choice than a FAB.
This is a new product from FAB and it is their orange edition. Like the usual FAB lollies, there is a layer of chocolate coating covered in hundreds and thousands and a layer of vanilla ice. This particular ice lolly then has a layer of orange ice underneath, instead of the usual strawberry flavour.
The orange ice is refreshing for summer, and tasted very natural and sweet. It is a gentle flavour, almost like it is flavoured with mandarin. I really like the new edition, and it was the perfect end to a lovely barbecue.


Spectre said...

Shame the weather's gone a bit naff, but I had one of these the other day and it was really nice. It also reminds me to hunt down the strawberry flavour.

cinabar said...

I have a freezer packed with ice lollies, and no sunshine to enjoy them in. :-(